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Educational Program

March is Women History Month

Essence of a Lady celebrates Women History Month by spotlighting some of the trailblazers of Essence of a Lady and its supporters. As the pictures flash at the top of this page, we pay homage to women who are making their mark in their communities. These are unsung (s)heros to their families, friends, church, and community.

These women are unsung because most will never be spotlighted on the local or national news. They may never be given prestigious awards on the many televised awards shows; but, they will be recognized by Essence of a Lady through its philanthropic program, E'Ladies Network. They will be recognized because of donating their time, talent, skills, and abilities as they participate in our YELL! Mentoring program components. Some volunteer as chaperones on a field trip, and others volunteer at special events or programs sponsored by our partners. Many provide weekly mentoring support as group facilitators at our partnership schools, YES Prep Public Schools in Houston Texas and Duval Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida; and, others give one-to-one mentor support with a girl age 6-19. Additionally, women and women entrepreneurs donate funds, resources, products, and services to the YELL! Mentoring program to ensure successful programming which empower girls to grow academically, socially, physically, and financially.

As we prepare to help aspiring women entrepreneurs and achieving entrepreneurs go to the next level with our BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM through ELadies.Biz, we will continue to recognize women of the past and present because Essence of a Lady celebrate WOMEN 365 days of the YEAR!!

Please join us as we celebrate WOMEN HISTORY MONTH by recognizing local WOMEN AND WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS as our EVERYDAY (S)HEROS!!

Our annual Females are FABULOUS! Conference will recognize ALL the WOMEN and WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS who contribute to our YELL! Mentoring program during our Scholarship/Fundraising GALA Saturday night June 8, 2013. Be ready to NOMIN ATE girls, women, and women entrepreneurs in the next few weeks!!

YELL Program and Registration

YELL! Innovative Program Design

Mini-Believers: Elementary: 1st  -  5th- Weekly Group Sessions with High School Peer Mentors. Monthly Workshops with E 'Ladies Network.

Promising Believers: Middle School: 6th - 8th -  1st 90 Days:-Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions, 91 days on- One-to-One Mentoring with Collegiate Mentors. Monthly Workshops with E 'Ladies Network.

Aspiring Achievers: High School: 9th - 12th- 1st 90 Days -  Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions for NEW members ONLY. One-to-one Mentoring Sessions with Evolving with Essence (EWE)Mentors. College Tours, Job Training, Financial Literacy, and Career/Entrepreneurial/Scholarship Programs

Innovative Mentoring Program

1. Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions

2. Monthly Workshops

3. Quarterly Culture/Career Field Trips

4. Annual Life Changing Special Events

5. One-to One Mentor Match Up

YELL! Research-Based Curriculum Promoting a Positive Self -  Esteem!

Module 1: Self-Empowerment -  Mentor Support

Module 2: Self-Motivation -  Effective Speaking

Module 3: Self-Reliance -  Resiliency Skills

Module 4: Self-Determination: Academic Skills

Module 5: Self-Sufficiency: Financial Literacy

Module 6: Self-Love: Developmental Assets

Calendar of Events

August- Something to YELL! About Recruitment Campaign.recruiting Mentors, Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors, and Partners into the E 'Ladies Network

September-Something to YELL! About Recruitment Campaign Cont 'dRecruiting girls as mentees and peer mentors (ages 6-19)

October- YELL! Fall Kickoff Event and Start of ALL Campus and Community Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions

November-A Season of Thanks Event- Collecting Clothes and Food for a Charitable Donation for a Shelter or Group Home for Youths

December- YELL! Christmas Shopping Celebration in Collaboration with Nonprofit/Community Organizations/Agencies

January- National Mentoring Month Event-YELL! Volunteering Day

March- Mentor/Mentee Retreat OR Spring Fling Event

May/June- Annual "Females are FABULOUS!" Event

Participation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

To register a girl/mentee:

1.       Complete the YELL! Recruit Form-FL or YELL! Recruitment-TX

2.       Then, complete the Mentee application

3.       Lastly, go to DONATE, make an annual contribution of $19.95 and make sure you select T-shirt size.

To sponsor, partner, or volunteer:

1.       Complete the E 'Ladies Recruitment form and click DONATE to make annual donation of $29.95 and select T-Shirt size.

2.       Then, volunteers or mentors, complete the Volunteer Application.

3.       Lastly, Sponsors or partners, complete the E 'Ladies Profile form at www.eladies.biz


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to empower girl opportunities.


Educational Program

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